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I record memorable words that describe how people relate to God and the World. C.S. Lewis said, "My own eyes are not enough for me. I will see through the eyes of others." Most pages have a column for each of God and World. Eugene Peterson (author of The Message) said, "We need to know supremely these 2 subjects--God and the World." Prayers and Scripture (often in my own words--the New Wendell Version) are at column bottoms. 

Links to significantl videos/audios preceed the Journal attachments. 

6 Killer Apps    6 Killer Apps of prosperity: competion, the sceintific revolution, property rights, modern medicine, the consumer society, work ethic.

Community Problem Solving  A community is healthy when the river of capital that flows through it is contolled by a mix of citizens, organization, and government--and unhealthy when it is not. The success of nonviolent civil resistance Every recent civil resistance campaign that surpassed sustained participation of just 3-5% of the population has been successful. Non-violent campaigns are replacing violent ones because they engage people from all walks of life in the struggle in passive as well as active resistance in risk-averser ways, whereas violent struggles largely involve only a few with certain warrior capacities. 

The Power of Introverts When it comes to creativity and leadership we need introverts to do what they do best. Solitude is a crucial ingredient to creativity. 

The Power of Vulnerability  We connect with others to the degree that we become vulnerable.

How the Economic Machine Works

Seattle is Dying   It takes both enforcement and intervention (law and grace) to keep our cities habitable. The Star of Bethlehem : Is Genesis History? A compelling treatment of Creation compared to an Evolutiion origin of the universe and life THE PIVOT, a 12 video of Fred Market's overview of Missiology and Geopolitics : a compelling Missiology and overview of Geopolitics as of 9/2/21 An Ethic of LIstening


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