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Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Endearing companies tend to be enduring companies. Intangible assets account for 80% of the market cap of S&P 500 companies. Public FoEs returned more than 8X of S&P 500 companies. Middle age and older people are now the culture shaping majority. Endearing behavior toward its stakeholders is one of the most decisive competitive differences ever wielded in capitalistic enterprise. Principles: positive relationship, transparency, empathy, reciprocity. Employees either benefit or burden every dimension of a company’s existence. The components of the FoE and SRM models constitute a strategic system, enabling them to outperform their competitors on a consistent basis. FoEs draw on 4 key elements to build trust with employees: respect for individuals, transparency, team building, and empowerment. Most companies that are highly profitable are not principally focused on profit making.Love your neighbor embodies the value system of FoE.

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