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Bibi’s amazing personal story illuminates the amazing history of Israel and its likely future]. Learning is important above all else. The real foundation of peace in our area is hope derived from strength, and the consequent realization by our neighbors that Israel is here to stay. Arab propaganda systematically covered up the root cause of the Israeli-Arab conflict—the persistent Arab refusal to recognize a Jewish state. Whereas a public campaign should center on questions of justice, the appeal to leaders should center on interests. Say something clearly or nothing at all. It is not the Jews who usurped the land from the Arabs, but the Arabs who usurped the land from the Jews. My direct connection to Likud voters became the enduring basis of my political power. Without a basic understanding of economics, military affairs, technology and science a prime minister is rendered helpless before the “experts.” The combination of military and economic power will give us diplomatic power. I would emphasize that it was our historical right and not only our might that justified our claim to the Land of Israel. I would seek to build Israel’s economic, military and diplomatic power to ensure its future and to achieve a genuine peace with those in the Arab world who wanted it. Free markets are indispensable for wealth creation. In democracies, significant economic reforms never reach fruition without leaders willing to spill their own political blood. We passed in the Knesset the most revolutionary free market program in Israel’s history. Once people get used to freedom they seldom want to go back. Government may not always go forward with new reforms, but they seldom go backward and undo reforms that have been passed. Money, trade and investments flow to freer economies and away from more controlled ones. Power attracts, weakness repels. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where all citizens have equal rights. The influence of geographic factors diminishes as technology grows. I set up a Bible study group that met in the prime minister residence.

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