Invest with optimum growth.

[Because the Bakers live in such a desperate part of the world and look for the most difficult cases through which to display the love of God, they experience more than their share of tragedy and sorrow. I know of no one who has faced greater challenges to their faith than Roland and Heidi Baker. It is the army of children cared for by the Bakers’ ministry that are some of the best at bringing a miracle to an impossible situation. Heidi highlights the central key of keeping intimacy at the center of our journey and being lost in love with God. She shows that this is how to be fearless and find hope and perseverance in the hardest moments.] Developing a life in God’s presence above all else is the only way to fulfill our God-given destinies. To the degree we are united with God’s heart and in love with Jesus, we will be fruitful. All fruitfulness flows from intimacy. His method for changing your nation is you. Most of the time you will be confined to activities you know how to produce and control. God wants to take us beyond what we can control. While He is pruning us above the ground, He is also multiplying our root system below. I try to pray for 3-5 hours every day.

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