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I publish WendellNotes for significant books I read to make their perspective available to friends and GIN subscribers who may not otherwise have time for them. Before I started writing WendellNotes in 2011, book notes were part of my Journal. [Brackets separate my comments from the author's.]

Even though we are defined by our decisions, we are often completely unaware of what’s happening inside our heads during the decision making process. The mind contains 2 distinct thinking systems, one that is rational and deliberate and another that is quick, effortless, and emotional. The key to making decisions is knowing when to rely on which system. Emotions reflect an enormous amount of invisible analysis. Intelligent intuition is the result of deliberate practice. Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience. The most effective way to get better is to focus on your mistakes. An expert has made all the mistakes that can be made in a narrow field.  Loss aversion explains why, since 1926, the annual return on stocks after inflation has been 6.4% while less than 0.5% on Treasury bills. People who are more rational don’t perceive emotions less, they just regulate them better by thinking about them. Statistics fail to activate our moral emotions. Those who are most certain are almost certainly wrong; the dominant danger is hubris.  Be aware of the kind of decision you are making and the kind of thought process it requires.

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Scripture is our guide and tether. Perhaps the thing that tipped Satan to rebel was the rumor that God planned to create a new being, one that would carry His own image and displace him as 2nd in authority over the universe. The 1st priority in our agenda must be to shed our ignorance. “I speak protection (or blessing, healing, etc) in the name of Jesus Christ.” Satan can have only the rights that we don’t challenge. It is up to us to ferret out all the authority he has has been given and to cancel it. Jesus chose to function totally as a human, modeling what humanity was intended to be. The difference between us and Jesus’ power lies in our ability to hear and follow the Father’s will. We are at war whether we like it or not. If we are not fighting, we are being defeated. When we pray, worship or fast we tap into God’s rules to bring about the ends our Master seeks. The enemy’s primary area of attack is our self-image; our feelings and circumstances are manipulated by the enemy. God will not work in the human arena without a human partner. Those with the greatest gifting seem to be more often attacked by the enemy. Jesus never prayed for healing; He commanded it. God has made churches the spiritual gatekeepers for the communities they serve.

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You still have your senses intact; in fact, all your senses seem turbocharged and multiplied. What I experienced in heaven was so real and so lucid and so utterly intense, it made my experiences on Earth seem hazy and out of focus—as if heaven is the reality and life as we know it is just a dream. The whole point of this life is the creation of a spiritual family for God. I had instant access to everything you’ve ever said or thought or felt or written or believed in your life: past, present, and future. God created Earth in the image of Heaven, just as he created mankind in his image. God has a fantastic sense of humor; I never laughed so much in all my life. Everything seemed to produce its own light. Jesus was speaking inside my mind and I was answering with a rapidity that can only be imagined. The highlight of many NDEs is this mystical Being of Light who fills them with a love beyond imagination. Love requires freedom, risk, and choice. Even in Heaven, God accomplishes his will through freewill cooperation of angels. You’ll never be bored!

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The future social proof principle equips us with a wonderful kind of autopilot. A multilayered and widely accepted system of authority confers an immense advantage upon a society. The alternative is anarchy. People believe that trends will continue in the same trajectory. The scarcity principle drives unusual goods like stocks and real estate. Consistency offers a shortcut through the complexities of modern life. Our stomachs tell us when we think we are doing something wrong. Tribalism is human nature. The thing most likely to guide a person’s behavioral decisions is the one that is most prominent in consciousness at the time of decision.

The innovator’s dilemma: the logical, competent decisions of management that are critical to their success are also the reasons why they lose their positions of leadership. There is a strategic distinction between sustaining technologies and those that are disruptive. They found it difficult to improve profitability by hacking out cost. Sound managerial decisions are at the very root of the impending fall from industry leadership. A company’s customers effectively control what it can and cannot do. Successful ventures and failures conserve enough resources so that new business initiatives get a 2nd or 3rd stab at getting it right. Plan for learning rather than for implementation. When the capabilities reside in processes, values, and culture, change can be very difficult. Disruptive technology heralds a change in the basis of competition.

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Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see. “I value the opinions of those I love and work with. Anyone else? It’s all noise.” Because of the Russian investigation the media didn’t cover the [deregulation] policy changes. The country was blind to what we were doing, and we were able to jump-start the economy. The most significant consequence of deregulation was America’s surprise emergence as an energy-independent nation. A different language is a different vision of life. Trump increased the metabolism of Washington. Things happened faster. On NAFTA, China, North Korea, the Israeli embassy, American held hostages abroad, a stronger NATO, energy independence, and taxes on companies, will we ever go back?

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The sum of true wisdom consists almost entirely of the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. The will, when it was free, made itself the slave of sin. God is the only fountain of truth. By our own ingratitude, we obscure and impair divine grace. The grace which he bestows upon us, inasmuch as he makes it our own, he recompenses as if the virtuous acts were our own.  The Law remains, that, by teaching, admonishing, rebuking, and correcting, it may fit and prepare us for every good work. The nature of each is instantly discerned when we look to the principle of the commandment as its end. Omitting the First Table, [the prophets] insist on faith, judgment, mercy, and equity. Nor do they, in this way, omit the fear of God. They only require a serious proof of it from its signs. The Son of man received what is ours to transfer to us what is his, making that which is his by nature to become ours by grace.

God’s will being done on the earth requires a person to know the will of God and then to pray it through to completion. His will is not being done on many levels because we are in charge. We have been charged with inviting the will of God into the earth, and when we fail to do so, God’s will does not happen. It is our honor and privilege to govern our world through prayer. Intercessors are problem solvers, compelled to pray until every spiritual obstacle is reordered to accommodate the plans of God. We are still the earth’s leaders. God’s will does not happen unless we pray. Whenever God intends to do something on the earth, an intercessor is on the scene long before anything happens. These are friends of God, and God shares His secrets with His friends.

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Invisible learning: true understanding of an idea is hard to see and measure. Explain it to a policy-maker who is not well-versed in statistics. Teachers are very important; no other measured aspect of schools is nearly as important in determining student achievement. Learning is split into 2 key components: technical and adaptive.

From its inception in 1993, Nvidia recognized the GPU's potential to transcend its initial gaming-centric role, envisioning a future where these processors would become indispensable to a wide array of computing task--that GPUs could perform parallel processing tasks much more efficiently than traditional CPUs. Video games will become the largest sport and entertainment in the world. AI is the most powerful technological force of our time, with the potential to revolutionize every industry. Our competitive edge lies not just in what we create, but in how we inspire others to innovate. Content creation is the soul of the internet, fueled by tools that empower creativity.

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Martin Luther King often carried a copy of this text. Fear, hypocrisy, and hatred are the 3 hounds of hell that track the trail of the disinherited. To revile because one has been reviled is the evil of the soul itself--the position of the disinherited in every age. There are few things more devastating than to have it burned into you that you do not count and that there is no provision for the protection of your person. The doom of the children is the greatest tragedy of the disinherited. A man is a man, no more, no less. The awareness of this marks the supreme moment of human dignity. During times of war hatred becomes quite respectable, even though it must masquerade often under the guise of patriotism.

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To love righteousness is to make it grow, not to avenge it. To its shame, Christian history reveals unrelieved attempts to improve on the way of Christ. I lack the patience to allow God to work in a slow way. I want to seize control myself, to compel others to help accomplish the causes I believe in. Since stories are easier to remember than concepts or outlines, the parables helped preserve his message. If I fail to understand this teaching, I fail to understand him. [The Beatitudes way of life is as impossible to live as the Law was impossible to keep]. I was prepared to honor and admire doctors without borders, to hold them up as inspiring examples. I was not prepared to envy them their joy and peace. Jesus never met a disease he could not cure, but he met skeptics he could not convince and sinners he could not convert. God is no more satisfied with this earth than we are. Jesus introduced profound changes in how we view God. Mainly, he brought God near.

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This book is a toolbelt for missional practitioners. It summarizes practices occurring over the last 2000 years and describes what our African, Asian, and global South brothers and sisters are currently doing. Apostles create a sending and multiplication environment. Prophets create a purifying, challenging, strengthening environment. Evangelists crate a welcoming, super-positive environment. Shepherds create a caring, nurturing, protective environment. Teachers create a learning environment. If each of our APEST voices speaks regularly into the Body with appropriate maturity and freedom, we create the right environment.

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There are 5 phases of Kingdom Innovation: Identification (why), Ideation, Experimentation, Mobilization, and Multiplication. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the greatest social innovations in the history of civilization. Golden Circle: Why? = Paradigm (center). How? = Principle. What? = Practices. Locate and frame the problem. The ability to ask powerful questions poses one of the greatest challenges. We become prisoners of our prototypes. Grooves of Grace occur where there is a supernatural ease. Things don’t normally scale through individuals; they scale through networks. It scales because it is not built on one leader.

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Humility attracts God’s grace. If you are being formed in Christ, mission will take care of itself. I’ve decided to stop trying to change the world—to focus on changing me. Our transformation becomes the vehicle through which we deliver the gospel. Our intention is not sincere until we believe that pleasing God is the happiest thing about being human. The difference between trying and training: The life of transformation takes time, and the word trying communicates effort that is in a hurry and has a deadline. Training, however, indicates a process and leaves room for patience. The best teaching we can do comes from our own lives as we journey with Jesus. We’re created to establish belief through 2 pathways—cognitive and experiential--only when both pathways are engaged does belief become complete. It is in the mirror of Scripture that we behold the face of God.

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